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Why Digital Goods Are on a Rise Amidst the Pandemic

Digital Good Startup 

Depending on who you ask, we either live in the coolest era ever, or these last couple of decades have been the worst thing that has happened since the dinosaurs went extinct. One thing is certain, though — the internet definitely changed the world in every way imaginable. And, one huge benefit is the appearance of digital goods.


Digital goods are all the goods that can be sold and used, as the word says, digitally, in electronic format, to be precise. Basically, anything downloaded or received via email is a digital good:

  • eBooks
  • Music & Audio
  • Software
  • Memberships
  • Web elements
  • Courses and webinars
  • Photography
  • Professional services

Require No or Small Expenses 

Ok, now that we have stepped into the world of digital goods, it is time to talk about money.


To put it simply, usually, you don’t need a lot of it to start with digital goods (pause for reaction). That is why we are especially grateful for the booming digital goods industry. They require no or very small expenses.


The only thing you need is your knowledge.  When you have that, the world (well, the internet) is your oyster. Take, for example, courses. If there is a topic you are very well-versed in, there is nothing stopping you from creating a course on it and teaching those who have no clue what, for example, “angular size and distance.” 


Or photography! Take your dusty camera, go outside and let your creative side do its job. There are numerous sites that are dying to see the world through your lens.

Not a Risky Investment 

Even though there are many digital goods that don’t require investments, even the ones that do, it is not a risky investment. In this day and age, where everything is volatile, the internet and the goods that come with it feel like the least unpredictable option.


Let’s take a look at a blogger, for example. You would need a camera, laptop, website domain, and that is pretty much it, at least to start with. On the other hand, there are so many ways you as a blogger can earn money:


  • Ad networks
  • Paid reviews and collaborations, sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Subscriptions to your high-quality content


The list goes on. 


The same thing goes for almost every digital career you choose, make money while not investing a huge amount. The only thing that is non-negotiable is the knowledge part — you need to know what you are doing to stand out.

Upgradable Practical Skills 

Not to sound like a cliche, but knowledge is power, especially in the world of the internet. Have you created a course on a topic you are familiar with? Great, so have thousands of people. The thing that makes you stand out is your expertise. Never stop educating yourself because the skills that go with digital goods are easily upgradable. If you are talented in Adobe Photoshop, maybe your next step would be to try Adobe After Effects or Figma, depending on your preferences. 


The great thing in the world of digital goods is the possibility of switching up occupations, especially during the pandemic. Working from home has never tasted so sweet. If you are tired of doing one thing, you can learn another, upgrade it, become a pro in that field, and earn money. It sounds neat, huh? If it does, you know what to do — start learning.

Huge Profits and Benefits 

We have mentioned that there are thousands like you on the internet, offering the same thing, so the question arises: Why do digital goods rise, and their popularity is at its peak?


The answer is obvious — profits and benefits:


  • Lower costs (no storage, shipping, or packing costs) and great profit margins
  • The internet community is huge, and there is a place for everyone
  • You are communicating directly with your customer
  • Digital goods can be used as many times as you want
  • It gives you the freedom to be your own boss 
  • You can work from anywhere (hello islands and seaview)


The list can really go on.


Also, one huge benefit is that you can do it aside from your regular job, as much as you want, and get that extra cash we all crave at the end of the month. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, this way of working has a lot to offer.

Demands Are Not Diminishing 

Sometimes it can feel like there is no place for you in the digital world, that it’s getting crowded, but the fact is that demand for digital goods is on the rise.


With the pandemic and the always evolving technology, people have to change quickly and adapt. There is always a new job, digital goods to be upgraded, a skill to be learned, new technology to be developed. So the demand for them is not dying down.


At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that people are divided if this is the best or the worst era. If you ask us, with all the possibilities the internet brought us in the last decade, we would say it is for sure the best era. So, don’t waste your time. If you have a skill worth showing to the world, start cashing it.


Come to the dark side. We have digital goods.