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4 Amazing Features About Onesies You Are Dying To Know

The name Onesies comes from the Japanese word kiru (to wear) and the noun nuigurumi (soft toy), and accordingly means to wear a soft toy. Initially, this fashion originated in Japan and was designed to destroy the boundaries between classic boring clothes, scary-themed costumes, and bright epozhet.

Besides the fact that Onesies is pajamas, it is also casual wear. It is quickly worn, easily fastened with buttons or zipper, and now your seemingly ordinary day turns into every minute colorful pleasure.

Onesies pajamas are made of soft hypoallergenic fleece, and their free cut makes you feel comfortable in a bed or just at home, on a picnic or in a country house, on a plane or even at a resort, or just when you want to do photoshoot with onesies.

The fleece material retains heat quite well, while the structure of the fabric from which the Onesies pajamas are made is mesh, due to which it breathes. This means that in Onesies you will always be warm in the winter or in cool time, and also very comfortable in the summer, just unzip a couple of buttons. All you need is to try filling up closets with onesies.

Onesies gained much popularity as well due to the fact that there is a huge choice of models of various colors, styles and characters in the world, as well as new collections every year. So if the old pajamas you already bored – you can always update the image.

If you think that only teenagers wear onesies, then you are mistaken. Onesies pajamas are suitable for everyone. They are worn by girls and boys, children and their parents, grandparents, there are even onesies for animals. The main philosophy of Onesies pajamas is that you have bright, comfortable clothes that you wear when you want and where you want. And it is beautiful.

The cloth

All onesies pajamas are made of fluffy fleece- velsoft or smooth fleece. They are distinguished by the length of the pile and the resistance of the material to external influences. For example, velsoft is very soft and pleasant to the body and has the property of absorbing excess moisture. At the same time, it requires very careful care, care when washing, steaming, as well as careful wearing, as with strong sprains, the fabric may diverge.

Smooth fleece is also pleasant to the body, while it is very durable, does not absorb moisture and is lighter. He is not afraid of active sports, falling in drifts at a speed or strong tension. He will endure all this. Also in the summer it is absolutely not hot.

Summarizing, we can say that onesies pavers from velsoft are more suitable for home wearing or sleeping, and they are warmer, and smooth fleece pajamas are more suitable for outdoors or outdoor running with onesies, and they will not be hot in general.

Models and sizes

Onesies pajamas are suitable for children and adults in height from 90 to 190cm. When choosing a size, you only need to focus on growth, since Pajamas have a free style and even if you are a big guy or a girl, you will be comfortable and comfortable in your Onesies.

If you are in doubt about choosing a size, then it is better to choose in a big way, because a free pajama is always better than the one that is small. And also you can always contact the store manager Onesies, for help.

Models of pajamas come with pockets and without, with a lowered and classic leg fit. Information about these features you can read in the characteristics of each model. And there is no indicator better or worse, you always chooses what looks good on you, what color you like and what you think is more convenient.

The fashion for Halloween pajamas came to us from Japan. Fashion designers from the land of the rising sun came up with bright overalls of free cut, made in the form of a funny little animal or a popular hero, to add more positive emotions to everyday life. This comes in baby-sized onesies for Halloween too!

A soft toy on the human body, as the name of the costume ìOnesiesî literally translates, changed the usual ideas about home clothes and broke free from the house. Today, people in stylish pajamas can be met not only at thematic parties and festive events, but also at playgrounds, streets and ski resorts. If you are interested to buy onesies, check out

Advantages of Onesies Pajamas

Extraordinary images cause people to smile sincerely and give only positive emotions. Universal costumes are designed to bring a drop of good and positive to the atmosphere. Apart from these, the unicorn onesies are readily available anywhere and almost everywhere.

The main advantages of Onesies are:

  • Use when sewing soft non-fading materials that do not cause allergies, which are very easy to care for. Even after numerous washes, they do not lose their shape and rich colors
  • High degree of comfort. Pajamas are easy to dress and fasten with buttons or zippers. They are suitable for people of different builds
  • The possibility of self-expression. With the help of elegant clothes you can stand out from the crowd in any situation: from a banal trip to the store to the conquest of snowy peaks.

The bright accent of the costume is a non-removable hood with a muzzle of an animal or cartoon hero. It not only completes the amazing image, but also protects the head from sunlight and drafts.

Baby Onesies

Multifunctional children’s pajamas can be used as clothes for home, sleeping, walking outside and going out. In a soft suit, stylized as a beloved fairytale hero, the baby will feel comfortable and confident in a kindergarten, a children’s town or at a school party. Warm sneakers will help to complete the look.

Adults Onesies

Initially, the dignity of pajamas was appreciated by the fair sex and introduced the fashion for wearing animated clothing. After a while, men also began to wear funny costumes. Especially for adults, themed onesies are produced, among which you can find images of pets, wild animals and even fantastic creatures. Suits do not hamper movements, so you can conquer the ski slopes or freely cut through the streets on rollers and bicycles. In our store you can find a large selection of adult Onesies.

Where to buy Onesies?

With us, you donít have to waste time looking for costume at retail stores. Visit online store Onesies to buy in cash. We have a rich selection of products for every taste, age and size. To buy a trendy outfit, just use the size table, select the appropriate model and put it in the electronic basket. Payment is possible in any convenient way.

Delivery of goods is carried out in America as well as a transport company in other part of the world.