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3 Reasons to Be Addicted to Friendship Bracelets

One of the oldest jewelry is considered to be a bracelet. The first of them appeared during the Paleolithic era and were made of mammoth tusks. But like everything in our world does not stand still, bracelets also kept pace with the times, and the material for their manufacture changed with each century. The name customary to us is that modern bracelets are found thanks to the French bracelet, which means wrist, where it is supposed to be worn. Although quite often, women’s gold bracelets can be located on the shoulder and ankles. Where it will be comfortable to wear it, everything depends on the wishes of its happy owner or possessor.

Initially, bracelets were truly masculine jewelry, which was designed to protect its owner during a hunt or war from evil spells, disease and death. Over time, their mystical significance faded into the background and the gold men’s bracelets on hand began to perform the function of jewelry, according to which it was possible to determine the financial condition of the owner and his status in society. And for women, precious metal bracelets with artificial, precious and semi-precious stones have become a popular adornment and an opportunity to focus on elegant wrists, as well as to show the full benefits of the party. After all, a few years ago, only noble and very rich people could afford such luxury as jewelry and a gold bracelet in particular. You should know about the types of friendship bracelets also, and which bracelets worn by celebrities truly symbolized friendship bonds.

We bring to your attention gold bracelets for men and women. The pages of our specialized online store contain an extensive collection of gold products from the product line of leading domestic manufacturers. In the presence of gold bracelets in different styles and price range, which will allow customers to choose jewelry with different preferences and budget.

Original jewelry for every taste

Men’s and women’s gold bracelets are accessories that are always in demand. With the right choice of a model, such a decoration would be appropriate in any situation, whether it be a meeting with friends, a social reception or business negotiations. If you prefer practical accessories, you can buy a women’s gold bracelet with a watch. Such a product combines pronounced decorative properties and functionality.

Buy a men’s gold bracelet is a great solution when you need to make a gift to a man, regardless of his age or field of activity. This bracelet harmoniously combines with business suits, adding to its owner more respectability, and fans of the informal style of dress will also appreciate this decoration.

History of gold bracelets

The gold bracelet on the wrist is a toilet accessory that attracts the attention of others unobtrusively and at the same time convincingly. The correctly selected goldbracelet is able to emphasize the grace of the movements and the elegance of the owner’s nature, and, in combination with other jewelry, create the impression of good taste.

How did the bracelets

These decorations originally served as a means of protecting people from diseases and evil spirits. Bracelets made of leather, tree bark, mammoth tusks and even stones were put on the shoulder, middle part of the arm or wrist for the sole purpose of protecting the totem. Nevertheless, even the primitive man began to notice that this piece of decoration looks attractive and can perform a purely aesthetic function.

Since the appearance of the bracelets, they have been used by both women and men, and in certain historical periods it was more masculine decoration than feminine, it symbolized the male military achievements and bravery. Gold bracelets in the ancient world were most popular among the inhabitants of Northern Europe. Al

They were also known in ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, but here, along with gold, other metals were used, and often, for example, bronze, as a† piece of jewelry , was valued more. In Russia, gold bracelets were worn by noble women, and they surely burst into world fashion supposedly in the 18th century, when there was a surge in interest in antiquity. Nowadays, a gold bracelet is an important part of the jewelry collection and is considered as the final touch in the dress of a woman who does not lag behind secular society.

How to choose a bracelet?

Gold bracelets surprise with their decorative variety. We offer to get acquainted in detail with the most relevant options and their features:

Hard gold bracelet classic jewelry fashion: A feature of this design is its static nature and unchanged form. Thin gold bracelet tight design looks very elegant and is perfect for slim girls with thin wrists, emphasizing their grace. You can check various of gold bracelets here:

Models of a flexible design consist of the separate elements connected among them. The advantages of such jewelry are the variety of weaving options, which allows achieving a special expressiveness of design. Another important advantage of the product is the ability to adapt the size of the bracelet to the individual parameters of the owner of the jewelry.

The gold bracelet with stones looks very impressive, attracting glances with precious radiance and color tints. Depending on the model, cubic zirconium, diamonds, topaz and other materials are used as inserts. No less popular are the models with pendants, which add extra elegance and originality to the decoration.

A large gold bracelet is a solid accessory that is hard not to notice. This decoration is best suited for evening wear. Like other types of massive jewelry, large wide bracelets look best on people of medium and dense build.

Low-minded girls who want to get a noticeable decoration, stylists recommend avoiding excessive massiveness, which visually weights the image. More harmoniously on your wrist will look like a model of medium width with a thin weave.

Choosing women’s and men’s bracelets made of gold, you should focus on the individual features of the appearance, stylistic preferences when creating a wardrobe and other factors. This approach will allow you to choose exactly the jewelry that you will be happy to wear, without experiencing difficulties with the selection of the appropriate entourage style.

We regularly replenish our catalog with new jewelry, and if you have not yet managed to finally make a choice, you will surely be able to pick up from us a suitable model from the range of new products, information on the receipt of which can be found online.

Jewelry factory presents to your attention a catalog in which you will find woven bracelets, link ones, in the form of a hoop. They are distinguished by the elegance of weaving, some with zirconium inserts of different colors, cubic zirconium, pearls and topazes. You can choose a gold bracelet for men or women as a gift bracelet for Valentine’s day.

Taking into account the modern pace of life, the jewelry factory has created an online store of gold bracelets for your convenience. With it, you can make a choice of any jewelry in comfortable conditions and, if necessary, order yourself a unique and unique piece of jewelry art. Our specialists, having enlisted the support of new technologies and technology, guarantee high quality products.