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Slack: Early Contender for 2014 App Of The Year

Go read Gabe’s review of Slack1. I’ve been using it for team collaboration for almost three weeks and it is exactly what I’ve always wanted in an app of this genre.

From Gabe’s article:

First I’d like to clear up a strange interpretation that isn’t wrong but rather misleading. A couple articles, portray Slack as a chat service or social media aggregator. While it can be used for that purpose, it would be like calling Twitter a dating service. Slack is a collaborative working environment that also provides a chat service.

I have set a high bar for the features I need in a collaborative chat client and I’ve been pretty patient with committing to one when one of those features is lacking. Some have gotten tantalizingly close but they fall down on some key functionality like lacking a fully-functioning iOS client or search or a viable business model. Slack hits all of the high notes. After using it for a week, I was ready to commit for the long haul because it is nothing short of amazing.

If you have a small team that needs a central communication repository but also well-thought-out methods for sharing, commenting on and storing files, this service is a clear winner. Sign up for Slack1.

  1. This is Gabe’s referral link.