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Year One

September 10th, 2011. That is the first post that ever made it up to the site you’re reading now. The year slipped by without me even noticing, which speaks to the pace of life, I suppose.

It all started because I wanted a place to park my thoughts on technology, development and productivity – all subjects I like dealing with at some level. Topics we wrestle with daily bump up against these things and the intersection between them holds real meaning for me.

It has been an interesting year on all of those fronts. I have enjoyed writing about it. What was once just a collection of tips I used to get me through the week has become over 80,000 words on tools, methods, websites, writers, productivity, text files, computers and the technology industry as a whole.

I’d like to thank my readers, Carbon, and the many writers who have inspired and influenced me. Viticci, Agcaoili, Weatherhead, Mann, Blanc, Arment, Gruber, Brooks and Benjamin are people who have made reading sites like this one popular and I owe them a great debt. I think what is interesting is discovering for myself that I’d be writing even if I had no one reading. Hell, I paid up for a year of Squarespace before I had written a word because, first and foremost, I wanted to write. I thought committing up front would hold me to it. It turns out, people found some usefulness in my scribblings and I ended up meeting some incredibly, smart, witty and interesting people that I never would have met otherwise.

There have been times when I haven’t posted for a while. Sometimes life throws some really difficult problems at you and you need to deal with that stuff first. Writing for this site takes a backseat when that happens and I apologize. Technically, I’m a terrible writer. I apologize for that too. Sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea that hasn’t already been covered to death or covered much better than I ever could. In those cases, I’ll just let a link suffice.

In the end though, I write what I like and what I find important enough to pass on; what might help a few folks along the way. If I found someone wrote about a topic but missed the boat, I’ll let you know. You may not agree, but at least we all stay engaged and moving our thinking forward.

Thanks for the support for the last year, everyone. I truly appreciate every reader, every email, every ADN post and every tweet. I’m hoping to continue to provide something worth reading and I’ll try my best to keep it interesting.