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Why is Paul Thurrott so dense?

How can someone write something as incredibly and hyperbolically stupid as Paul Thurrott’s latest turd launched onto the tech echo-sphere?

I hate giving this idiot hits but comments like the following, about the latest conjectures about Windows 8 tablets:

In fact, it looks like something that will relegate the iPad to the backwater of the tablet market, much as Windows did to the Mac.

are too easy to ignore.

What makes Thurrott think that the iPad, which seems untouchable right now as far as price and functionality go, is going to disappear based on a screenshot gallery from Microsoft? He’s also assuming that Office 15 is a selling point for a new device but has he used it? I have my doubts it will work well on a tablet and would prefer to hold my judgement until I’ve actually tried it.

He is, understandably, trying to make Microsoft products sound interesting and exciting since he runs a Windows site but this entire article paints the guy as an off-the-wall moron.

I’d love to know where he backs up statements like the following with actual facts. I’ve looked on his site but I can’t find them.

I bet Apple could make every single one of its devices in the US, using high-priced US workers, and still make a heady profit. Will they do it? Of course not. And that’s everything you need to know about Apple in a nutshell.

Saying statements like this paint Thurrott as a nitwit but after reading the rest of his article, statements like this are hardly surprising. That said, maybe he should ride his high horse to Redmond and ask Microsoft to start opening factories in the US too since Windows phones are made overseas, primarily in China, and primarily in the same factories that make Apple products.

How does this guy have a job? It is the absolute worst technology writing on the internet.