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Weekend Read - Great for Reading Scripts on your iPhone

Weekend Read from Quote-Unquote Apps was released yesterday. As readers of this site might remember, I’m a fan of reading scripts so I downloaded it to check it out1.

It’s an elegant app that reads many of the common file times including my favorites like Fountain, markdown and plain text in addition to the standards (Final Draft (fdx) and PDF). I love how the app works. I haven’t had 100% success importing some of my found scripts to a format that’s easily readable other than the original PDF but most have been successful including my own forays into writing with Slugline.

If you have any interest in script reading and don’t often find time to do it because you don’t want to sit and your computer reading long, badly-formatted PDF files or squinting at an iPad mini, Weekend Read might be the app you’ve been waiting for.

(Free with $9.99 IAP)

  1. The app is free with IAP if you want to have more than four documents in your library.