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Finally, my hope for an ADN messaging client has been realized. ThreadOne, created by developer Aaron Vegh, has hit the App Store and it is exactly what I have wanted in an ADN chat client. While Kiwi was functional1, it struggled with presenting private messaging because of its relatively slow refresh times and mechanics more suited to a stream-based message list. I basically wanted a version of Whisper on my Mac and ThreadOne has so far delivered on that wish.

It is a focused effort for a first release but Vegh has plans for further development to add features down the road. 2 I’ve been using it and have noticed a few things that ThreadOne does better than any of the ADN messaging alternatives I’ve used on the Mac so far:

  1. It’s lightning fast. It is as quick as using iMessage or any of its competitors.
  2. The interface is minimal and melts out of the way.
  3. The sound notifications are well done. Subtle and unobtrusive but informative.

So far, ThreadOne does exactly what I needed it for. More features would be nice (font size and choices would be my highest priority) but it is doing the job I bought it to do and shows what a good developer can do with the well-designed, fast and capable API ADN has put together.

  1. And made great strides in the recent release. 

  2. As Aaron Vegh comments in his article about the “Story of ThreadOne” on his blog.