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Tech Note: Twitterific

Twitterific Review

Way back when Twitter started, the first Mac client I downloaded was Twitterific. It had an innovative and rich interface even back then but unfortunately it crashed a lot. Being fairly promiscuous about my app use, I kept shopping around.

As time went on, Tweetie took up the mantle of being my favorite Twitter client. Tweetie changed its name to simply become the default Twitter client but its functionality remained in tact and it sufficed for a while.

Tweetbot was released and has been my slice of Twitter heaven since then, preferring to almost all of my Twittering on the iPhone. As I’ve written many times, I adore the interface and it has proven reliable through thick and thin. I think Tapbots is a great development house and I’m happy to support them.

Spending as much time as I do on my MacBook Air, I started looking for clients to use on the desktop again. The Twitter client didn’t really keep pace with the functionality I had grown accustomed to with Tweetbot so eventually I settled on Osfoora as my Mac Twitter client.

Osfoora is a stellar app and had a ton of features I like but it is missing some things like gap detection and it’s a little buggy with Tweetmarker (what isn’t?). I ended up using it for a while until I saw a toot by Craig Hockenberry (Twitterific’s developer) in my stream and thought, randomly, “Hey, I should give Twitterific a try again.”

I didn’t regret it.

The app has made many improvements since the early days. The interface has had numerous refinements and tweaks and the functionality exceeds that of most Twitter clients. Best of all, its extremely stable.

While I’m not a huge fan of the “one window per account” motif, preferring tabs or a sidebar approach like Tweetbot for iPad, you can arrange the multiple account windows and they’ll stay put, which actually works quite well. Between selecting the dock item, ⌘-~ or using Expose, you can quickly navigate between the windows. I’m starting to prefer it. At the very least, I am getting used to it.

Tweetmarker seems to behave well with Twitterific and going back and forth between Tweetbot on the iPhone and Twitterific on the Mac results in fairly decent synchronization (which might be the best we can hope for right now).

Graphically, Twitterific is sleek and attractive. Each of the elements, from the icons on the top of each account page, to the details of how each toot is arranged within the rectangular frame. There’s enough “padding” so keep things from getting crowded but enough density to avoid excessive scrolling.

I’ve been using Twitterific for a few days now and it has fit into my workflow. Given my flightiness with Twitter clients, I assume I will go back and see how updates are improving Osfoora now and then, but for now I can see using Twitterific as my weapon of choice.