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Super-Fast Markdown Link Creation using Keyboard Maestro

When writing posts, you convey key components of information to readers through links. In long posts, I’ll sometimes end up with over a dozen links. In “Home Page” posts, the number can be much higher.

Keeping track of all of those links, inserting them into the text and gathering them all from the various browser windows can be very time-consuming. Brett Terpstra’s Service Tools, mentioned in my last post, have some great methods for dropping links from browser tabs into linked lists in your posts, but I also created some custom markdown link creators in Keyboard Maestro that I use daily that I wanted to share with you today.

Let’s take a common workflow for me – usually a link or written piece by someone will serve as inspiration for a post so, in that case, the fastest way to get that link into my post is to use my Keyboard Maestro macro that quickly swaps to Safari, snags the link and then automatically creates an inline markdown link in Byword. Here’s what it looks like:


This dumps all of the links into the current document, with reasonably good names for the references. I usually go in and change the references to something a bit easier to remember when writing but it still saves so much time, I can’t imagine not having it. (or maybe I’d have to come up with a Keyboard Maestro script… hm)

Once the references have been created, I can select the text I want to reference, hit my reference link hotkey and voila. Essentially, this macro does the same type of thing as the ⌘-K hotkey, except for reference links.

LaunchBar, Keyboard Maestro, Brett’s markdown services, TextExpander and OmniFocus is nothing short of mind-boggling sometimes.

Speaking of long posts, in addition to a “beginner’s series” for OmniFocus, I’m working on a content workflow post that discusses some of the tools I’ve started using to manage my myriad streams of data (photos, links, etc). Hopefully they don’t suck! Keep your eyes peeled for those because they’re sure to be link-heavy and, hopefully, Instapaper-worthy.