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I Have Stopped Using TouchID

Buying a house makes all sorts of things change, whether you expect them to or not. When I was cozy in my habits for the last couple of years, I spent a lot of time thinking about technology and its role in my life. I was always exploring new ways to make things more efficient, safer, more secure, and faster.

Touch ID seemed like a revelation when I first saw it. It was all of those things – efficient, safe, secure and fast. After setting it up, I had good results and used it happily for months.

But buying the house didn’t just shift priorities. It also introduced new habits and ways to work. We moved out to the sticks I find myself carrying bags of pellet fuel, shoveling and salting walkways and patios, making home repairs and moving heavy stuff around. The result is that my soft little computer-user hands have been enduring a lot of wear and tear and Touch ID simply no longer works. I found myself adding my fingerprints over and over in an attempt to improve performance. The new fingerprints would work for a few days but then performance would degrade to unusable levels again.

Last week, Touch ID just stopped working altogether and I gave up. I’m back to using a passcode. Resting my finger on the Touch ID sensor for a few seconds, waiting for my phone to unlock, has become such a regular occurrence it is almost comical. I sit quietly and patiently, my finger warming the metal ring on the touch sensor, then curse and unlock the phone with my passcode. I waste about five to fifteen seconds each attempt yet, as annoying as that is, I think I’m still saving time.