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Migration to Statamic

I updated my website to use the Statamic framework. I had been on Squarespace for two years and there were some major frustrations after the switch to Squarespace 6. I gave them many months to address the issues. I sent emails and hoped a developer would come up with a solution. Nothing happened (except for Squarespace releasing an entire webstore module). I won’t go into all of the frustrations here because I’m leaving it all in the past at this point.

So I’ve moved over to Webfaction[1] (on the recommendation of Gabe over at Macdrifter) and installed Statamic. Webfaction has been running suitably for a while now and Pingdom has been monitoring it 24 hours a day (zero downtime so far), so I felt today that the website would be in good hands, so to speak.

Statamic is a framework that enables straight markdown document editing, which is remarkable. It’s a relatively new framework but, even with my paucity of know-how, it only took a few days to complete the migration. I’ll write up a post about the steps I took which will go a bit more in-depth for those interested but it wasn’t without its difficulties.

For the next few weeks, there will be a few rough edges. Search isn’t working very well so I’ll be looking for fixes to that particular problem. Google links will be pretty messed up as well since most of the things that you’ll find there will be linked to Squarespace which stores the articles in a totally different link format. You can view the cached versions from Google’s site or you can use the search which should be improving as rapidly as I can.

The link to my RSS feed is changing too. You can re-link your feed-reader by going here:

Once things settle down, things should get back to normal with one major exception – I should be posting a lot more often. I noticed over the last few months that my frustration with posting on Squarespace using their editor really made it difficult to find the time and energy to post. That should be changing as I can write in plain text and upload from iPad, iPhone or Mac with just a few button clicks.

Enjoy the site and if you have any questions, comments or feedback, let me know on ADN, or

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