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Some New Alfred Workflows

Every once in a while, I stroll through the Alfred forums looking for new workflows to help me keep my hands on the keyboard. While I was perusing the forums yesterday1, I found three workflows that instantly worked their way into common use. They replace things I do all day long in other ways but these are really fast and easy to use.

PinAdd - As the title on the forum post states, PinAdd takes the foremost window or tab in your browser and adds it to you pinboard library but allows you to tag it in-line as you add it. You can add a “.” before the tags and it will mark the link as unread, which is great when you want to pick it up again later in Nick Wynja’s Paperback, which I do all the time.

AlfredMaestro is the name of a workflow that does some pretty amazing things if you’re a user of Keyboard Maestro. Typing in the shortcut (“km” by default) will bring up a list of your macros in a list. Selecting the number corresponding to the macro you want will execute it.

As a bonus, any text you add after the “km” command will filter your macro list so if you have well-named macros, it is super fast. This thing is great if you are old and can’t remember one of your copious, hand-rending keyboard combos.2

nvALT Search and Open will take a command like:

    nv {search term}

And pop up your nvALT window with that search displayed. Very handy if you can’t remember which virtual desktop you have nvALT sitting on.

Alfred keeps getting better and better through user extensions like this. If you’re not using it already, it’s worth your time to check it out.

  1. Mavericks broke my Bluetooth Toggle Alfred macro, sadly. I have yet to find a replacement. 

  2. OK I admit it. I’m old as dirt and can never remember keyboard combos.