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Size Does Matter. I Want A Smaller iPhone, Apple.

What I hope for with the release of each new iPhone design is a smaller, thinner, lighter phone with better battery life and better signal reception. I want my phone to start disappearing in my pocket, become more transparent from a usability perspective and have some new, smart, innovative features. I want it to not shatter if I drop it. I want it to be waterproof. I want it so sturdy I don’t feel like I need a case to protect it.

I don’t want a bigger, heavier phone just so I can show 16:9 video of my kids or so it can fit a battery to drive a 4G antenna. I don’t give a shit about those things in my phone. Sure 4G would be nice, but not at the expense of weight and size. I don’t want to carry anything bigger in my pocket than I already have. OK, Apple?

I may be an old man yelling at clouds at this point since the evidence is pretty overwhelming that they are going to lay this egg anyway. I still hope all of the rumors are wrong and Apple unveils a phone that is less like the ridiculously-oversized Android phones and more like the phone we actually want because, deep down, we all know that if they released a phone that was smaller while retaining functionality, improving features and adding cool and useful technology we would actually be happier iPhone owners.