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Rough Week for My Wallet

This week saw the release of some long-awaited, must-buy apps and fantastic content. Here are the highlights and recommendations (some of which I talked about last night in a bit more depth) so that I can spread the wealth to the deserving folks who played a part in bringing them into existence.

Transmetropolitan - $61.38USD

Warren Ellis’ fantastic and jarring future-shock graphic novel Transmetropolitan was put on sale on Comixology for $.99 an issue. I’ve been looking to buy all of the collections from Amazon for a while now but they’ve always tallied a pretty penny. Now, you can buy all 62 issues for a reasonable price. I am really glad I have them on the iPad too so I don’t have to worry about storing them when I’m done.

FoldingText - $14.99USD

As I mentioned last night, FoldingText is a no-brainer buy and a fantastic piece of work. Go buy it now.

Tweetbot for Mac - $19.99USD

See the post mentioned in the first paragraph for details if you really need them, but you don’t really need to think too much about buying Tweetbot for Mac. Get it now before Twitter’s asinine OAuth token limit rules precludes your ability to know, use, and love this little gem.

Check the Weather - $1.99USD

As many others have mentioned this week, including Gruber and Viticci, this app is really nice. It made my iPhone5 Home page right off the bat. Not sure if this is US-only or not.

Pinbook - $4.99USD

Great little Pinboard client for iPhone. I find myself using Pinboard more and more and I wish it was it was integrated into everything. For now, suffice to say, you just need to go buy this. It’s well-designed and fast. A+.

Recall for iOS - $.99

Recall is best described as a way to remember recommendations from friends. It will store them in a nice queue and remind you when they launch with links right into their respective stores for easy purchase. JUST WHAT I NEED – MORE PURCHASES, AMIRITE (see list above)???

Add in games like XCOM:Enemy Unknown ($59USD) and Dishonored($56USD) and you’ve got a very expensive week. Ouch..