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Pinboard Approaches by Federico Viticci

Vittici posted a love story to Pinboard on Macstories yesterday. I agree with most of it and its a great article. Pinboard remains one of my most-used websites and I find I often discontinue use of apps if they don’t give me easy ways to get stuff into it.

One of the questions I often get is why would anyone use a dedicated bookmarking service when solutions like Evernote can bookmark links and even clip full webpages. The answer is obvious for me: simplicity.

On iOS, Pushpin is a damn fine Pinboard client.

As far as the Mac goes, I add things seamlessly to Pinboard using an Alfred workflow called PinAdd.

I read my unread Pinboard feed in Readkit. It’s a total reading/storage/indexing solution for my view of the web. I haven’t opened Instapaper in months.