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Paperback: A Pinboard Reader

I’ve been following Nick Wynja’s blog and his site Hack/Make, for a while and appreciate Nick’s thoughtfulness and design-sense. Today he has launched something greater than the sum of their parts; Nick has taken Pinboard, my favorite bookmarking service, and turned it into a new thing – Paperback.

Paperback takes your Pinboard articles and turns them into a form that’s readable and clean with a great choice of fonts and navigation that gets out of the way visually. It also looks great on mobile Safari as well as on the desktop if you’re looking for an attractive way to read longer articles.1

It’ll set you back $15/year but it’s well worth it, in my opinion.

  1. I’m going to be using this instead of Instapaper going forward since I put everything in Pinboard and having everything in one place means one less place to keep “cleaned up”.