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Newsblur Review [Macdrifter]

Gabe from Macdrifter told me to check out Newsblur the other day and I’ve been incredibly excited about the service for two reasons:

  • With Google Reader dying an ignominius death in July, I’m happy to find something that suits my needs so well.
  • It was a recommendation from someone whose opinion I trust, so the risk was minimal.

It only took an hour or so to see that the site (and its attendant apps for all platforms) were top notch. I had tried the site a long time ago and felt it was slow and the refreshes were erratic at best but, in a positive development for everyone hurting for a good RSS reader, the Newsblur crew have beefed up servers, made their interface much clearer and ended up with a product that is worthy of everyone’s support.

Give Gabe’s review a read because it does more justice to the service than my brief words. He goes into a lot of depth on some of the features that I see getting more of my attention as the weeks wear on.