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New Version of Tweetbot Released

A new version of Tweetbot was released today for iPhone and, while it’s not a huge improvement, it moves it even further ahead of every other Twitter client for iPhone.

I have heard of people not really liking the app because it has a very playful, interactive, almost game-like feel to it and some people prefer their apps simple but it is a perfect Twitter client for me. I love their custom controls and their hand-crafted interactions. I still view it as a clinic in iOS design.

Tapbots also released an iPad version this week and it quickly replaced my current iPad Twitter client. It’s hands-down the best iPad Twitter app. Actually, until this week, I much preferred checking Twitter on my iPhone because I liked the Tweetbot interface so much. I couldn’t stand the multiple sliding panes and confusing interface of the default Twitter app.

Well, those days are over and Tweetbot reigns as the best Twitter client available on all iOS devices.