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New Mac App Alert!

This week saw the the release of two apps that will end up driving me to use my Macbook Air a lot more. It’s not that that is a bad thing, per se, but I’d been trying to move more towards using my iPad for daily work chores like note taking and such.

I have a pretty specific way of dealing with meeting notes at work these days and, as I described in my recent post about using Nebulous Notes for meeting notes, it’s something that has evolved over a few years. These notes have accumulated over time and I store them in Dropbox for centralized access. nvALT provides fast searching and markdown provides all of the syntax I need to create well-formatted and easily-readable notes for exporting to email or whatever.

Enter what may be the best markdown-based document editor that I’ve used to date – FoldingText.

Others have written much more eloquently about the features and functions of this app but it ends up being a tough sell to folks who haven’t tried it.

I didn’t need as much convincing since I bought it based on Hog Bay’s pedigree and their previous track record for developing great apps like Taskpaper. Describing it to friends who I thought might be interested was met with mostly disinterested stares.

Once you use this app, however, you realize that it’s not just another text editor. The markdown support is great; it seems to do just what you expect every time. Markdown header syntax gives you little tags that have the ability to roll up sections and certain suffixes (“.todo” or “.timer”) after a word will turn the text that follows into an active part of the document providing checkboxes for a todo list or an running timer. It’s pretty slick.

I could go on and on about this thing, but just go buy it – its $14.99 for a limited time and it is well worth it.

Tweetbot for Mac released today. As usual, Federico Viticci has the skinny on how great it is. Just go read his review, then go buy it. It’s steep – $20 – but there is no better Twitter client anywhere on any platform.