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MailMate - On Board

It’s clear that Gabe has cost me a lot of money over the last year. His recommendations have all been spot on, however, and it’s fair to say he has been really pushing some amazing stuff lately. I can’t think of one thing that he’s pointed me towards that I haven’t stuck with1.

Last week he got me looking at Mailmate. I downloaded the trial, thinking there was no way I am spending $50 on an email app when I was happy with Airmail. I also have a ton of automation happening on a Mac Mini running Mail.app2 so it was unclear why I’d benefit from the automation that Mailmate brings to the table.

At first, Mailmate seemed fiddly and over-complicated but it’s not. It takes a very workmanlike approach to design and I appreciated that fact once I started using it. After a few days, I had hooked up all of my email accounts to it and was using it for everything. It is truly remarkable and powerful. I used the trial for a few days and then, convinced that the app had what I wanted for daily use, I funded the Indiegogo campaign and bought a license for 1.17 and the eventual 2.0.

Rather than go into exhausting detail, I’ll give you the highlights.3

  • Smart Folders – they are truly smart. I have them set up for the common things that I’m generally searching for on a daily basis.
  • Markdown editor – I’ve been using the Airmail markdown editor for a while now and it’s nice but not this nice.
  • It’s very fast
  • It doesn’t hide things I need to see – Visible item counts on Smart Folders for things like Flagged emails and Spam stay in my face so I remember deal with them when I have time.
  • The menu bar customization is pretty great – Gabe covered this in his article but its worth noting that the level of customizability is staggering and powerful. I set it up to see things that I really need to see but, otherwise, I’m left undisturbed to work in peace.
  • Quick File – moving emails to different folders is intuitive and fast. I use it to move things to my SpamSieve “TrainGood/TrainSpam” folders all day long.

Yes, $50 is a lot to pay for a function that is fairly well-covered with tools that already exist but I’m finding Mailmate to be a truly exceptional app that covers a lot of the edge cases I never knew I had. Plus, that $50 goes to making Benny’s business sustainable and nets me some great software. This app is only going to get better.

Grab the trial from the Mailmate site and give it a go. You don’t lose anything and you might be pleasantly surprised but what you’ve been missing.

  1. With the exception of task management apps but I am hoping to write something up about that in the very near future. 

  2. The Mac Mini uses SpamSieve to keep my remote inboxes clean, archives stuff I know I want archived (like receipts) and forwards emails containing shipping information directly to Junecloud. 

  3. For the details, go read Gabe’s posts on Mailmate