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Launch Center Pro 2 Released for iOS7

Launch Center Pro 2 launched today. It has been completely redesigned to reflect iOS7’s aesthetic and user interface elements.

I’ve been using Launch Center Pro for quite a while. I lives on my Home row and I have grooved my muscle memory to reach for it. I find that, among my friends who have tried it, whether they like the app or use it is often is very personal; based on things like muscle memory and whether or not you use the apps it supports. Some people never quite find a niche for it but those who do can’t imagine using an iPhone without it. I’m in the latter camp.

On my iPhone, I like to keep some often-used apps buried in folders because it’s just cleaner that way. They are all tucked away neatly on “page 2”, grouped by function. Launch Center Pro lets me get to these apps quickly and easily while leaving them hidden away from view. It’s almost like having a separate Home screen, albeit one that has some more specialized purposes.

I use LCP2 to launch my Apple TV Remote app, TouchPad, Music, Rdio, and 1Password (among others). When I’m watching TV shows on my Mac Mini at night, two quick taps on the bottom right of my iPhone screen has me in total control of the Mini’s interface. If I want to play some music of watch Netflix, there’s no need to hunt around for that slippery, silver remote – the Remote app is just two taps away.

Clearly, LCP2 doesn’t solve everyone’s problems but, for those who find a use for it, there’s no other app that can compare.