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iMessage for Android

“iMessage for Android” was released on the Google Play Store the other day. It is obviously not an official client and the intrepid people who have downloaded and tested the app attest to its inability to communicate with iMessage clients.

This app would appear to be one of the many black marks on the malware-blighted Android app ecosystem but what caught my eye at the bottom of Verge article about the app was a comment (the first comment, mind you) that sums up so well the expanse between reality and fantasy when it comes to Android fans.1


It’s Apple’s fault that these Android users are being put at risk? Yup, clearly. I hold out hope that this user was being sarcastic but a scan of the next few pages of comments (why do I do this to myself?) serve as ample testimony to this being how the Android diehards tend to think about the world.

I will concede one point to them however. When Apple introduced iMessage, they claimed that it would be “open”.2 We can now see that its not open by any definition of the word and that’s a shame in some ways because it further fractures the landscape of instant messaging apps. That said, the last people who should be citing “open” are Google/Android fans. Have they looked into implementing any Google Hangout integration recently?3

  1. This is why we never read the bottom half of the internet, readers. 

  2. @johngordon, an ADN contributor, pointed out that Apple may not have specifically said that iMessage would be open. The screenshot I saw specifically mentioned Facetime. I’ll have to go back and listen to that keynote but if memory serves, I think John’s right about this and its one more thing the commenters are wrong about. And also me. 

  3. They can’t because it’s not “open” either. Can we stop using that word now?