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Hazel Rules for a Paperless Office

After reading the post yesterday about my paperless office, Twitter user @bhdicaire asked me if I could post some of the rules I use in both TextExpander and Hazel to keep my paperless office setup humming.

Here are a few:

The rules are pretty simple. I don’t have a lot of directories that things get filed into but it is key that you can find things easily once they’re filed. Don’t create folders that are too deeply nested or you’ll run into trouble.

I have about 30-35 Hazel rules set up to handle almost all of the variations that come in via scanner. The rest are handled through two simple TextExpander rules that set up a file name based on month or day. I just modify them with keywords to help Hazel figure out where they go afterwards.

I hope this little excursion into my brain wasn’t too terrifying.