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Future of Tablets That Aren't the iPad

Reading this story by Sam Byford on The Verge makes me wonder two things.

Why do we care about Apple not shipping as many units as non-iPads? I have never seen a human being use something other than iPad so, to me, these shipping numbers mean there are a lot of devices sitting on shelves in brick-and-mortar stores collecting dust. Sure, they are shipping. People are just not buying.

And then there’s this chestnut:

Nevertheless, IDC expects Android tablets to overtake the iPad in worldwide marketshare by 2015, due to “the sheer number of vendors” with low-priced devices.

This statement is crazy, almost nonsensical. It seems to give no credence to what is going on in the market today and relies on some fantasy scenario for Android tablet manufacturers where software achieves parity, their applications become usable, the carriers get out of the way, and their devices can be built for a low enough price to be profitable.

Newsflash: It’s 2012 and there are no Android tablets worth buying. How are Android tablet manufacturers going to go from industry joke to industry leader in three years when the iPad will no doubt continue to have lower costs for better devices and more robust apps? And a huge, growing user base?

Pretty amazing stuff.