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Editorial Comments

There has been a buzz in the echosphere about a new iPad text editor called Editorial. Speaking as a person who has purchased their fair share of iPad text editors, at first the news was met with an eyeroll. Then I started noticing the names of the people mentioning the tool – all people whose opinions I hold in high regard.

Gabe from Macdrifter has a long piece, complete with tutorial videos. Federico Viticci from Macstories has a review that spans more pages than Newsblur’s parser can handle. After reading and watching the videos, not to mention Brett Terpstra’s and David Sparks’s comments, I decided to check Editorial out. I’m not going to give a full rundown of the amazing and innovative features of Editorial – Gabe and Federico have done a much better job than I’d ever do – but I will say that the abilities of the app are up to pretty much any task you’d need a text editor for. In some ways, its more useful than the Mac-based text editors I use. It’s incredible.

I already have Nebulous Notes for iPad and I use it daily. I even wrote a few macros to help with note-taking during meetings to cement its place in my workflow. Once I do a lot of tailoring to get something to work just the way I want it, it takes quite a bit to move me to something else.

Digging into the snippet and workflow creators in Editorial, I was able to not only replace the macros I created with Nebulous Notes, but I was able to extend them. The ability to push things even further with Python gives the user nearly-unlimited capabilities for turning this into the ultimate portable writing environment.

I’ve never thought I’d be able to be one of those people who switch to using just an iPad for writing. It seems unnecessarily constricting. Most of the articles I have read about it exhibit a stubborn quality – as if it’s being used just to prove it can be done. With the release of Editorial, it makes this more of a possibility. I won’t use it for all writing but it takes the iPad Mini one step closer to being an autonomous, remote workhorse.