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Echosphere Note: Instagram Sold to Facebook for $1b

It was widely reported today that Facebook bought the photo-sharing service Instagram.

As I have mentioned many times on this site, I love(d) Instagram. The ease of sharing, the great community feeling of the place and the interesting pictures all combined to make it a version of what I wanted Flickr to be.

With the Facebook’s purchase today, I’ve deleted my account on Instagram. It may seem like a kneejerk reaction and it ultimately may have no effect on whether or not Facebook already owns the pictures I had there before I deleted the account. Regardless, I’ve felt for a long time that Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s view on personal privacy is at exact odds to my own.

I still maintain a Facebook account. It has nothing on it and it is inaccessible to all but a few close friends but its there, available to me in case I want to check out a news item or if noteworthy app is released which only allows for accounts with Facebook (which, you all probably know by now, I hate. I’m looking at you, Spotify).

Facebook is huge and used by pretty much everyone I know. There are a few exceptions but they number fewer and fewer with each passing year. Maybe my distaste for it is more contrarian than privacy advocate. It’s hard to say.

Regardless, I’m happy for the Instagram folks. They put in some hard work to get where they are and its a dream come true for them. Things change and I’m ok with it. I’m just sad to see a great service disappear from my view.

As my friend just wrote to me, “It sure must have been nice for people to share stuff outside of Facebook for a while.”