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Hilarious Postulate: Touch ID Is Too Slow

I ran across Craig Mod’s post on Medium and shook my head at how off the mark it was. I had moved on from it as just another “slow news day” type of article and was content to let its ridiculous premise slip beneath the waves of inane content. Until I read Dr. Drang…

As usual, Dr. Drang nails it:

But would you really want to go back to the slower Touch ID? How often, when you unlock your phone, do you want to use one of the lockscreen affordances? And how does the time you lose in those cases compare to the time you gain in all those cases when you don’t want to use the lockscreen?

I don’t know where this footnote went in his original post but I laughed when I read it in my newsreader:

As I’ve said before, they call it Medium because it’s neither rare nor well done

Well said.