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Dark Sky: Weather with a New Look

Being forced to stay in tune with the weather this winter has kept me opening weather apps to see what horrible stormfront is going to pelt us next. Check The Weather has been a favorite because of the seven day view and the Forecast integration. Dark Sky, the app, has gotten a major facelift and functionality change today and I’m really happy about it.

Dark Sky was one of those apps I’d demo to people and blow their minds. If someone asked for an iPhone app recommendation it was top of the list and if they wanted a weather app it was an obvious choice. Even though the window of the weather forecast was small, the data was top notch – almost prescient. I was always shocked by how accurate it was and when I’d get a push notification warning me of immanent rain in 15 minutes it meant I had to find somewhere dry fast.

The new screens are clean and thoughtfully designed and, although I haven’t had much time to put this new version through its paces, since it is deriving its data from the same place as it was yesterday I have no questions about its veracity and accuracy.

This version is a free upgrade to current users and new users can get it for $3.99 USD on the App Store.1

  1. NOTE: Dark Sky currently supports the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico and the UK, Ireland, and surrounding areas.