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TapCellar - The Next Generation

TapCellar just got a big update. Many of the user requests Gabe and I have received have been included – things like bar-code scanning and list sharing – as well as a number of performance improvements, fixes and enhancements. with over 45,000 beers available for your offline searching and perusing, it has gotten a lot more useful for those of you who care about what we call “anti-social” beer drinking.

Many of you don’t care about sharing your latest beer escapades with the world at large. You might share a suggestion or two with a group of close friends or make a note or grade a beer to remind yourself that you had a beer at one point, but social sharing isn’t a focus. That is where TapCellar works best. It functions as a personal diary, library and cellar manager for your beer experiences.

If you’ve been on the fence, now is a good time to try TapCellar. That said we’re introducing something with this version that might raise a few eyebrows.

With this release, we are making our “Pro” features in-app purchase. For those of you buying the app prior to this release, and for the next month, you will get all of the TapCellar features that we consider key to managing your beer experience, including the in-app features. You’ll also get all future upgrades and new features going forward. For now, this will set you back $4.99. To enable this switch for current users, the in-app “Pro” feature unlocks will be FREE for a month. For current and brand new users, just “purchase” these features from within the app for $0 and then, when the pricing tiers change (at the end of September), you’ll own them forever.

After a month, we will be changing the price of the base app to $.99 with the Pro features setting you back $3.99. For those of you good at math, you’ll see that the price of the app isn’t changing but we’re just lowering the barrier to entry for those of you who want to try the app without making such a huge financial commitment. We think you’ll like the app enough to unlock the Pro features.

Here are the release notes:

It’s been a great summer for beer and we’ve been hard at work trying to drink them all. We’ve also been hard at work adding some cool new features and cleaning out a bunch of floaters.

Barcode Scanning

TapCellar now has an optional feature to help you find beers faster. We can scan barcodes off of most beer bottles and cans to find them in the database. Barcode scanning requires a network connection.

Share as a List

We made this feature for ourselves and think it’s super cool. While viewing any list less than 200 beers, you can export a plain text version using iOS sharing. That means you can quickly text someone your top beers or post the spoils of a really good Asheville beer-cation.


TapCellar now includes OVER 45,000 beers and it’s all available offline. We work where you drink. Syncing should be much faster now. All of the data is still local but we try to go out and get the latest data every day. Syncing requires the TapCellar to be active but we think we’ve made it much faster so you’ll always be up to date. We fixed a bunch of bugs with data export and import. Our testers drink a lot. Err, I mean they are great at testing large exports. You can now purge label image caches if you’ve viewed a bunch of labels and want to save some space


We’ve changed the pricing model for TapCellar. The app is now much cheaper but offers an in app purchase for some of the new hotness. To celebrate, the in app purchase price is FREE as in beer.

Tap-Utils for TapCellar is Available

Terrence Dorsey blogged about his release of Tap-utils on github this week. If you’re a TapCellar user (and why aren’t you?!) and a nerd, this collection of ruby scripts is a no-brainer.

Tap-utils use your TapCellar backup file as the source to do some really cool stuff and give you insights into your beer drinking that can be enlightening. Grab these and play around with them. It will be well worth your time.

Using your Shopping List in TapCellar

Buying beer is luckily something I get to do pretty often. Ever since starting the designs of TapCellar 1, having a useful workflow for beer shopping and cellar management were top priorities.

Since the app released last October, I have been using the app daily to manage my cellar and add beers to a shopping list to get ready for the inevitable trip to a bottle shop. This became even more important when Gabe and I started recording our podcast Nerds on Draft since he would often call and ask me to look for a beer to discuss on the show.

I thought I would write up the sequence of events for the “word-of-mouth/shopping list/cellar inventory count” workflow because it is pretty darn useful and maybe not obvious to everyone using TapCellar.


First, type the name of the beer in the search box. In this case, we are looking for Bikini Beer by Evil Twin Brewing. Searching for either “Evil Twin” or “Bikini” will narrow the search quickly enough to find the target.


While you can access the shopping list button in the beer’s detail screen, it is quicker to swipe from right to left on the beer in the List view and tap the shopping cart button.

This adds the beer to your Shopping List which you can access at any time via the side menu (accessed by swiping left to right on the screen)


So you get to the bottle shop and get a bunch of the beers on your Shopping list (which you obviously check obsessively while stalking the aisles). When you get home, you go through your goodies and swipe from right to left on each of the beers your bought and use the “+/-” on the right of the quick menu to add bottles to your cellar inventory.

Once you have incremented the beer to add it to your cellar, you can toggle the shopping cart icon off, removing that beer from your shopping list.

At this point, you are all set. Every time you head down to your beer cellar, you can see what is waiting for you down there. You can also use the cellar inventory screen to mark beers off as your drink them (using the same controls you used to add the beer to your cellar in the first place) and remember to order beers when the supplies get low.

  1. For those of you who read this site and don’t know, Gabe Weatherhead and I designed and released TapCellar ourselves as Gravity Well Group. Go buy it. 

Tap Utils for TapCellar

If you’re a TapCellar user, a beer drinker and a nerd who likes data 1, Terry Dorsey has you covered with his latest release of Tap Utils.

As usual, the documentation is stellar. It is really fun to play around with your own data like this and a huge thumbs up to Terry for making it a reality.

  1. I suspect there’s a big crossover between TapCellar, beer fans and nerds. 

TapCellar Thanksgiving Sale

For the week of Thanksgiving (11/25-11/30), TapCellar is on sale for $2.99 (down from its regular $4.99 price). If you were on the fence before, now is the time!

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