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Nerds on Draft Episode 003

Nerds on Draft continues rolling along with each week bringing new opportunities for tasting good beer and saying stupid things in public. Episode 003 is an exploration of Belgian beer and an examination of how you get to a place where you can comfortably say a project is “done”.

“Focus on the details” has become a meme lately and so has “say no in order to say yes to the right things”. Both have their merits but neither address the discomfort of putting something you are excited about into the world. The thing you made is the conglomeration of thousands of choices. Once you ship, each one of those choices is there to be judged and pored over by anyone with a comment box or Twitter account.

The conversation this week is circuitous and rambling but at least we have the Orval and the Rochefort 8 to keep us somewhat on track.

Introducing Nerds on Draft - A Podcast

Gabe Weatherhead and I have conversations. Topics include technology, software development, project management, new apps, Apple, family stuff, travel and beer – you name it, we babble about it at some point over the course of a week.

It was during one of those conversations that Gabe suggested we turn all of it into a podcast. The seed of the idea is simple – we get one or two beers that both of us have on hand, open them up and talk about what we think of them. Then we let our conversation range far and wide.

If you don’t like beer, don’t worry. The beer talk is a bookend on the proceedings. If you really only like beer, skip the middle parts.

The whole thing is what we call “Nerds on Draft”, an open and honest conversation about the things that make up our lives in a way that I hope interests you.

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brewbot - a smartphone controlled brewing system by cargo

Here’s an article on Designboom about an intriguing idea for something called “brewbot”. There is a page of explanation coupled with a tech demo video. The video itself highlights some intrepid iPhone placement and the germ of an interesting and ambitious idea.

I don’t want to sound like some sort of artisanal snob or Luddite but there are some aspects of a huge vat of steaming grains, some mess, a whiff of panic and back-of-the-envelope calculations that I fear would be missing from something like this. The integration of technology and beer-making (and drinking) is something I can definitely get behind however.