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Launchbar Contacts/Address Book Access in Mountain Lion

One of the casualties of Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) this morning was that Launchbar could no longer access my contact information. At first I thought I was fat-fingering things but after a few tries, it became apparent that it wasn’t just my lack of typing skills.

To restore Address Book access, the fix was easy. Follow these steps.

  1. Hit your hotkey to bring up Launchbar.
  2. Click the gear for preferences and select Index > Show Index
  3. Select “Contacts” from the Index list on the left
  4. Select the “Options” pane in the Address Book area on the right.
  5. I had a blank dropdown here, so I selected “Mac OS X Address Book”
  6. Problem solved.

I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this little twist. Maybe I was the only lucky oneā€¦