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I’m Jeff Hunsberger. I’m a big believer in technology as a way to improve and change people’s lives. I’ve been in the fields of development, strategy and implementation since the 1990’s and have experience with all sorts of programming languages, project management techniques, GTD, and applied uses of technology.

My latest projects have been iOS-based and I’ve been interested in Macs since around 2007.

This site is hosted on Webfaction and written using the Statamic framework.

Almost all of the content was written in markdown using Sublime Text 3 on my 13” MacBook Air.

I have been putting thoughts to paper on this stuff for a while, but never in a public forum, so this is my first attempt to do just that, so I hope you find something that helps you get more from your tech.

I have given up on Squarespace ever getting their shit together. Their editor was a nightmare and was never able to meet my basic requirements for things in markdown. The fact that I had to wrestle with their editor at all drove me mad everytime I needed to post. I’m hoping that, given the new platform has a much lower barrier to posting, I’ll be posting more often.

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