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Back to the iPhone 5S

Last week I switched from an iPhone 6 back to an iPhone 5S. So far, so good.

I got an iPhone 6 on launch day and was impressed by the build quality. I really liked the rounded, non-chamfered edges and the phone felt like a smooth river stone in my hand. It was a bit too slippery, especially on cold days, and the result was the purchase of my first phone case in years solely to avoid dropping the phone regularly.

ApplePay will hopefully change the way we do our personal retail business transactions. Despite high hopes, my exposure to it since the iPhone 6 release has been minimal. The opportunities to use it going forward probably won’t be significant for me given that I do relatively little retail shopping. Most of my transactions are in restaurants and pubs which still have no facility to handle ApplePay and, while I would love to fuel my car and pay with a wave of my phone, those days still seem far off.

The iPhone 6 screen always felt a bit like it wasn’t made for my hands like the iPhone 5S was. The iPhone 4 and 4S were tiny and I could easily reach any area of the screen. My resistance to the iPhone 5 gave way to the fact that I could still reach the top left corner while holding my phone in the right hand. The iPhone 6 requires you to shift the phone in your hand, balance it on your fingertips and then stretch across to hit the top left of the screen one-handed. The whole time you are courting disaster.

Apple added the laughable “reachability mode” but that was something I usually triggered by accident, costing me more time than it saved. It also served as an aggravating software reminder that the iPhone 6 was not made for me.

Moving back to the iPhone 5S has reaffirmed my feeling that it is the current high point in smartphones. It is the best balance in speed, battery life, size and durability.

Eventually I want a smaller phone. Ideally it would also be a lighter phone, a phone that is more durable and with more battery life. A phone that disappears into my pocket rather than takes up every spare inch of it. For now, and for the foreseeable future, the iPhone 5S will be my main phone and I don’t regret the decision to move back to it one bit.

Nerds on Draft — Episode 017

Gabe and I drink a Fiddlehead Mastermind while discussing the topic of recommendations and reviews in episode 17 of Nerds on Draft.

The Mastermind was a contribution of a listener who also contributed some amazing tools to analyze the data in your personal TapCellar data set.

I give this podcast a five star review.

Macdrifter — PlainTasks for Sublime Text 3

Relevant to my current interests (Sublime Text 3 and PlainTasks), Gabe posted yesterday that a new version of PlainTasks was released and it has some really cool new features.

If you have been monkeying around with the “one hammer” approach I have been taking to task management lately, this will give you a few more ways to help you organize your task list in ST3.

Nerds on Draft — Yang and Side Projects

The latest Nerds on Draft podcast is up. Evil Twin’s Yang is a fantastic beer – one of my top IPAs at this point — and I liked kicking around ideas about how we tackle side projects. I also tried a new audio production technique so it sounds pretty good technically even though it is still unfortunately our actual voices. Sorry about that.

This week’s podcast is brought to you by TapCellar.